Traumatised Bihar mother refuses to keep ‘alien’ baby at home

Traumatised Bihar mother refuses to keep ‘alien’ baby at home

PATNA: A woman from India’s Bihar state has abandoned her two-day-old baby after she looked like an “alien”.

The baby with thick white skin, red eyes and reversed lips was born at a government hospital in Palignaj, a town in Patna district, on Saturday morning.

The 23-year-old woman, wife of Abdul Rehman, later brought the baby home after the doctor found the baby’s health normal but she is refusing to breastfeed her and keeping in arms, traumatized by her bizarre look.

“I am shocked. I don’t want to keep her at home,” the traumatized mother told the media on Monday.

“I would have loved to be a mother of beautiful, healthy baby but she is entirely different, the one I don’t like,” she said.

A doctor who was involved in the delivery of the woman said the baby could be suffering from Harlequin Ichthyosis, which causes widespread and persistent thick, dry, “fish-scale” skin—a case which is normally seen in one among a million.

“There was no problem during delivery of the baby. The baby who weighed 2.5 kg even cried after birth,” a doctor at the hospital told the media.

Doctors also said the survival chances of such babies are very thin.

Meanwhile, crowds of local villagers have been thronging the house of the woman located in Azim Nagar locality of Paliganj block to have a glimpse of the “alien” baby.

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