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Was ‘Tumhare yahan sab ganwar hain’ remark stung Tej Pratap the most?

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PATNA: What compelled Tej Pratap Yadav, elder son of jailed Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) president Lalu Prasad, to take the extreme step of seeking divorce from his wife of six month?

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According to reports in the local media, Tej Pratap bore all pressures till when they were directed at him but he revolted when his wife Aishwarya Rai crossed the Laxman Rekha of passing “shabby” remarks at his family members or tried to interfere in political matters which were the sole prerogative of the party.

“Tumhare yahan sare ke sare ganwar hain (Your entire family members are rustic),” Aishwarya was quoted as telling Tej Pratap in the local media on Sunday.

As per the report, she was also trying to create conflict in Lalu Prasad family which Tej Pratap didn’t like.

“Tumhara chhota bhai tumse jalata hain (Your younger brother is jealous of you),” was how she would tell Tej Pratap about his younger brother Tejashwi Yadav, the local media has reported.

She was also not giving proper treatment and respect to the family of Tej Pratap who is religious person by nature and loves his parents.

The divorce petition filed by Tej Praatp Yadav in Patna civil court
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Reports also stated that Aishwarya had been pressing for the RJD ticket to be given to her father Chandrika Rai for Saran (earlier Chapra) Lok Sabha seat while it had been the traditional seat of RJD chief Prasad.

In the last elections, Rabri Devi had contested this seat when Prasad was disqualified from contesting elections.

“She had been constantly putting pressures on her husband for the RJD ticket. She would often tell him what was the point in marrying you when this can’t arrange for a ticket for my father?” she has been quoted as telling Tej Pratap.

“Yadi mere pita ko Chapra se ticket nahin milega to meri shadi tumhare saath hone se kya fayada?” the local media has quoted Aishwarya as telling her husband.

Tej Pratap filed the divorce petition in the local court on Friday and the matter has been listed for hearing on November 29.

He has refused to withdraw his petition despite repeated requests from his family and friends saying the “bow is out of arrow now and it will reach final destination”.

“There is no question of going back from my decision,” he told the media yesterday.

“I am Krishna and has been looking for my Radha. Aishwarya is not my Radha,” he said.

Such is his bitterness for wife that Tej Pratap has deleted all the photographs of his marriage with Aishwarya from all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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