Unique advice by Judge saves feuding Bihar couple from falling apart

Unique advice by Judge saves feuding Bihar couple from falling apart

PATNA: A saner advice by a judge has saved a feuding couple from Bihar falling apart.

The matter relates to Sakra block of Muzaffarpur district, some 80 km north of Patna.

As per reports, a couple had filed a petition in a local district seeking divorce after the personal differences turned serious.

The couple had been in the legal battle for the past four years, hell-bent on breaking up.

The case had been going on in the family court Judge Satish Chandra Srivastava.

Reports said the initially the judge convinced the couple to stay together but none of them looked interested.

Eventually, he asked them to go to a temple, enjoy sight-seeing and dine together at a local restaurant before coming to the court again to hear the judgment. They were told to come to the court on June 19.

But, when they appeared before the judge on the scheduled date, they handed out a written letter saying they want to stay together. Subsequently, the four-year-old case was hurriedly disposed off.

“That’s want I wanted,” a witness quoted the judge as having told the couple. Now, both of them are happily staying together, forgetting their past animosity.

“Social customs are the soul of laws. A proper counseling can indeed save the couples from falling apart,” justice Srivastava told the local media today.

As per reports, justice Srivastava has saved around 400 couples from breaking up through his judicious initiatives and proper counseling.

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