Video: Authorities puzzled as rats turning ‘alcoholic’ in dry Bihar

Video: Authorities puzzled as rats turning ‘alcoholic’ in dry Bihar

PATNA: Authorities in Bihar are bemused as rats have turned ‘alcoholic’.

TV grabs have showed the rats gnawing at beer cans and making holes in caps of various brands of seized alcohol bottles stored in police or excise department’s storehouses.

The rats have been accused of damaging seized alcohol worth over millions in the past one year.

Recently, rats were caught damaging dozens of beer cans stored in the storeroom of excise department in Kaimur district.

Last year, rats were accused of damaging wines and beer bottles worth over several million in Patna district although the people see a bigger conspiracy in the story.

The way the rats are fast turning ‘alcoholic’ in Bihar declared as a dry state has stunned the authorities and the common men.

“The common men have quit drinking after total alcohol ban in Bihar but now rats are turning alcoholic and feasting on large stocks of liquor stored in police storerooms,” commented Rajiv Kumar Singh, a Patna resident.

Bihar imposed total ban on liquor in April 2015.

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