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Video: See how this Patna devotee keeps 21 pots on his chest for 9 days to please the deity

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PATNA: A devotee of Goddess Durga in Patna has gone all out to please the deity by showing highest level of devotion and determination.

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Nageshwar Baba has been lying on the floor of the Nawlakha temple near new secretariat in Patna, balancing as many as 21 pots filled with holy water on his chest since the Navratra began on October 10.

“This is all due to blessing of the Goddess…I start the practicing fasting well a fortnight before the start of the nine-day festival so that I could accomplish the task without any difficulty,” said Baba in an interview to TheBiharPost on Sunday.

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All through the nine-day period of austerity, Baba doesn’t take any food or water and remain lying on the floor in only one position.

He claims to be doing so for the past 22 years. He began praying to the Goddess this way soon after he survived his kidney failure.

“Some 22 years ago, both my kidneys had failed and doctors told me about only faint chances of survival. But I prayed to the deity for my recovery and to everyone’s miracles, I got fully recovered. Since then I have been praying to the goddess this way,” Baba reve4aled.

Scores of devotees have been visiting the temple every day to watch Baba’s devotion and also to seek his blessings.

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