‘Village of thieves’ keeps Indian police on their toes

‘Village of thieves’ keeps Indian police on their toes

PATNA: Police have been making rounds of a distant hamlet in Bihar which, of late, has earned the notoriety as the “village of thieves” on the national crime map.

As per reports, more than 100 youths from this particular village have been arrested by police from around a dozen Indian states for various crimes.

Police said Ghorasahan village tucked away in remote corner of Bihar’s east Champaran district has earned notoriety in breaking open shutters of commercial establishments and robbing valuables.

Its notoriety can be gauged from the fact that police from various Indian states, such as Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Odisha, Punjab, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and even Delhi have visited this village, looking for the accused persons involved in various crimes.

Very recently, the police from Haridwar town from northern Indian states of Uttarakhand backed by the local police raided the village and busted a gang involved in robbery of iPhone and tablets from an electronic showroom.

“We raided the village and nabbed three youths involved in the robbery. We recovered six iPhones and many tablets from their possession,” a local deputy superintendent of police Rakesh Kumar told the local media on Thursday.

Police said the strategic location of the village which is settled just along the India’s international border with Nepal has kept the “business of crime” thriving.

According to them, once robbing the costlier items, the gang members return to their village and cross into Nepal to sell the stolen goods at throwaway prices.

The local police said they have been receiving the arrest warrants against the inhabitants from this village almost every day from their counterparts in different states adding this was proving to be a major embarrassment for them.

“As of now we have more than 80 warrants of arrest pending with us seeking details on whereabouts of people from this village,” a police officer was quoted as telling the local media today.

According to the police, the gang normally targets costly wrist watches, cell phones, laptops, cameras and cash, and works in a group of 20-25.

“They are so experts in breaking shutters that they do it within minutes using car jacks and iron rods,” a police official said.

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