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Women construct 2km road in 3 days in India’s Bihar state after govt sleeps on their appeal

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PATNA: Hundreds of women built a two kilometer-long road in Bihar in just three days in a rare display of grit and determination after their pathetic plight failed to move the government authorities even in the past over a decade.

The lack of roads had led to premature death of quite many villagers in recent past as none could get the proper medical attention on time.

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The women folk scripted a new chapter of determination in Banka district, some 270 km east of Patna, early this week, braving scorching sun.

As such, residents from several villages tucked away in rural pockets of this district had been facing a lot of hardship to commute from one place to another to lack of proper roads. This led to untimely deaths of quick many villagers who had either fallen sick or met with accidents.

In the absence of motorable roads, the villagers had to normally carry the victims to the nearest health centres on wooden cot on foot. On most of the time, this had proved deadlier for the villagers since they failed to reach hospitals on time.

The hapless villagers petitioned the authorities for a road quite many times but all these failed on deaf ears or got caught in bureaucratic bottlenecks.

Eventually, the villagers decided to do it themselves. Armed with spades, shovels and baskets in their hands, more than 200 women took to the streets and cut soils to construct a two km-long road within 72 hours, bringing sudden joys in dozens of villages which fell on this route. What the government has not done in the past over a decade has been achieved in hours!

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“It was really painful during the rainy season when we were not able to reach even the local primary health centre barely 2.5 km away owing to mud spread all over,” a local woman Rekha Devi told the local media today.

According to her, many deaths took place, especially of the pregnant women, as they failed to get proper medical attention owing to lack of roads.

Reports said the women who offered free services to built roads before the rainy season could start even contacted the local landlords who initially had refused to part with their private land and convinced them to donate.

The landowners donated their land after witnessing the zeal of the women, thus became a reality a motorable road.

The local administration has saluted the will power of the rural women and as an honour to their grit, has announced to convert the unpaved road into mettled road.

“The construction of the road was not possible without acquiring private land but the women did what we couldn’t,” the local district magistrate Kundan Kumar told the media today.

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