Worried supporters supply green vegetables, sattu, pickles, Tilkut to Lalu in jail

Worried supporters supply green vegetables, sattu, pickles, Tilkut to Lalu in jail

PATNA: RJD president Lalu Prasad may have been convicted by the court twice in the multi-million dollar fodder scam but that has not deterred the faith of his followers and sympathers who continue to treat him as “messiah of the poor”.

Such is the situation that the crowds of supporters have been flocking to the Ranchi-based Birsa Munda central jail in Jharkhand and supplying Prasad him with varieties of food products. Prasad is currently lodged in this jail after his conviction in the case last week.

The worried supporters have been regularly sending green vegetables, pulses, scented rice, Tilkut and other food items inside to ensure their leader live in jail with all the comfort.

On Thursday, a RJD legislator Bhola Yadav reached the jail gate and sent various food items, such as cauliflower, gram leaves, pigweed leaves, radish, pea, radish and fruits.

Another party lawmaker Laxami Narayan Yadav supplied Tilkut (a kind of sweet), rice, sugar free biscuits, mixture, dry fruits and vegetables. There were others who supplied “sattu”, pickles, and fried grains to him, media reports say.

Yet another party leader Guddu Yadav came with the “prasad” (offerings) from various temples, such as Vaidyanath temple, Chhinamastike temple, Tarapeeth temple and Basukinath Temple and urged the jail staffs to hand them to the party chief. He hoped the offerings from the four Dhams would ultimately result in acquittal of Prasad in the fodder scam.

The crowds of supports continue to visit jail despite the freezing cold which has thrown the normal life out of gear and also delayed many trains as well as flights.

Keeping in the number of visitors, the jail administration has beefed up security around the jail and also announced Prasad could meet only three persons in a week yet there appears to be a mad scramble among his supports to reach the jail.

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