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After Blue Whale Challenge, online game PUBG killing children in India

Bihar boy becomes new casualty of this game


PATNA: After the Blue Whale Challenge, the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG, an online multiplayer battle royale game, has taken the school children in its tight grip.

The growing addiction for this game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of the South Korean video game company, is such that the children are losing their lives after playing it for long hours.

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A fresh incident was reported form Bihar where a teenaged boy committed suicide after getting so many army men killed while playing the PUBG game. The victim Piyush Kumar, a resident of Daudbat village in Bhagalpur district, had, of late, become an addict of the game.

According to family member, the victim, a Class 12 pass-out, began playing the game on his mobile on Thursday evening and continued busy in the game till late. He refused to go for dinner despite repeated requests.

At around 10.30 PM, his mother asked him to take dinner but didn’t listen to her and continued busy in his game. Subsequently, she returned to her room and went to bed.

When he didn’t come for food till late, then his father went to his room and asked the son to take dinner since it was already late. He too returned to his room after he showed no interest in his advice.

At around midnight when his woke up and went to his son’s room, he found him hanging from the ceiling fan and raised an alarm.

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The boy also left a suicide note before ending his life, wherein he blamed himself for his death.

“The boy committed suicide apparently out of shock of losing so many army men in the game,” the local district superintendent of police Ashish Bharti told the media on Saturday.

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This was not the first time that the PUBG proved the killer. In May end, a 16-year-old boy identified as Furkhan Qureshi had died of heart attack in Madhya Pradesh playing the PUBG game for six long hours. According to family members, the victim, a student of Class 12, had become an addict of the game and would play the game for 18 hours.

Another death allegedly due to this game was reported from Telangana where a 20-year-old youth died after playing this game for long hours in March.

If the reports which appeared in the local media are to be believed, the victim had developed serious neck pain owing after playing the game for long hours without fully stretching his body.

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