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Bihar youth challenges death as he survives 18 bullets fired from close range!

The incident took place in Sitamarhi district on Saturday night


PATNA: A youth in Bihar has challenged death, literally!

Believe it or not, 26-year-old Pankaj Kumar Singh has survived 18 bullets pierced in every parts of body—chest, legs, abdomen, hands, kidney, spleen and liver.

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Everyone predicted his fate when the profusely-bleeding youth with bullets stuck in just every parts of his body was brought to the hospital yet he survived, and this happened after a marathon seven-long operation.

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“When the man was brought to the hospital, he had bullets stuck in just every part of his body and his survival chances very bleak but now he is fine,” said Dr Varun Kumar who conducted the surgery.

The youth was returning home at his Rajpur village in Sitamarhi district on Saturday night when gangsters surrounded him and sprayed bullets from a close range. They fled after getting confirmed that the youth is dead.

He was instantly rushed to the clinic of Dr Varun Kumar who operated upon him soon and removed the bullets. Dr Kumar terms his survival as nothing more than a miracle.

According to the police, the victim had criminal antecedents and had come out of jail only recently.

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