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Couple tied to tree, beaten up as their son elopes with girl in Bihar

Clashes over love affairs have become quite common in the state


PATNA: Influential villagers tied a couple to a tree and beaten them up baldy after their son allegedly eloped with a girl in Bihar.

The incident took place at Sarai village under Ramgarh police station in Kaimur district on Friday.

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According to a complaint filed with the police, a group of influential villagers took Munna Ram and his wife Tetari Devi outside the village and tied the to a mango tree.

Subsequently, the couple was beaten up badly. The accused persons also hurled abuses at them and maltreated when they offered protest.

According to the victims, the accused persons charged their son with eloping with a local girl.

In this connection, a case has been registered with the local police station.

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Social boycotts, brutal attacks and even killings are most common over love affairs in Bihar.

Quite many boys and girls have been killed over love affairs in what police believe as the “honour killings”.

In February this year, two young lovers were killed, chopped into pieces and burnt on the same funeral pyres in Gaya district for falling in love.

Even more horrible incident was reported from the same Kaimur district in 2008 when a teenaged boy was thrashed, paraded on the street before being thrown under the running train for writing a love letter to girl from an influential caste.

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