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Doctor himself donates blood to save patient’s life in Jharkhand

The woman patients was admitted to govt hospital in Palamu hospital


PATNA: A medical professional has proved why doctors are called the “the second Gods on the earth”.

Heerwanti Devi, an ulcer patient, was admitted to a local government hospital at Medininagar in Jharkhand’s Palamu district on Sunday morning after her condition had turned critical.

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Seeing her worsening health condition, the doctor on duty suggested for conducting her blood test and submitting the report soon.

The report found the patient’s hemoglobin very low after which the doctor suggested the patient’s attendant to arrange for at least one unit of blood to save the patient. The patient required A positive blood group.

The patient’s family instantly rushed to the local blood bank but failed to get that particular blood group.

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Subsequently, he called 12 members from her family for donating the blood but none of them could match the blood group of patient, leaving the family panic-stricken.

In the meanwhile, Dr Rajiv Nayan visited the patient and inquired about the arrangement for a unit of blood.

When the family members said they have failed to arrange that particular group of blood despite their all efforts and din’t know what to do next, the doctor asked them not worry as he has the same blood group.

Wasting any moment, the doctor rushed to the blood bank and donated the blood. It was then that the blood could be transfused into her body and her life could be saved.

“I donated the blood keeping in view the seriousness of the patient. Her condition would have gone out of control if the blood transfusion was not done instantly,” Dr Rajiv Nayan told the media today.

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