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Lalu party turns to iconic nursery rhyme to highlight PM Modi’s failures

RJD parodies the nursery rhyme to take dig at Modi


The main opposition Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) in Bihar on Wednesday parodied an iconic nursery rhyme to launch a blistering attack on Prime Minister Modi over his failures to fulfill his pre-poll commitments about developments, jobs and women safety.

Imitating the classic nursery rhyme “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa”, the RJD headed by jailed politician Lalu Prasad said in the coming days the followers will recite similar rhymes as the PM has done nothing to live up to commitments he made in the past.

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“Modi Modi yes papa, Any development? No papa, Farmer happy? No papa, Women safe? No papa, 10 crore job? No papa ,15 lakhs?? No papa Only jumla? Ha ha ha,” was how the children of Modi’s followers will recite like this in future, the RJD tweeted. The poetic attack has left BJP fuming.

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The latest attack comes shortly after RJD lawmaker Tejashwi Yadav predicted a political tremor on May 23 when the results of the Lok Sabha polls will be announced.

According to his prediction, the JD-U headed by chief minister Nitish Kumar will vanish from the political scene like dinosaur and the chief minister will have to resign such disastrous will be the performance of his party.

Tejashwi Yadav said the chief minister Nitish Kumar has begun singing paeans to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he no longer remains a factor in Bihar now; rather he is trying to get votes on the personal image of the PM.

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