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Nitish loses cool when asked about death of children from suspected encephalitis in Bihar

Suspected encephalitis has claimed around 140 lives in Bihar so far


PATNA: Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar lost his cool on Friday when asked about the continuing deaths of children from suspected encephalitis which has killed around 140 children in the state so far.

As such, the chief minister was present in the Bihar assembly when the Union minister and LJP president Ram Vilas Paswan was filing his nomination for the Rajya Sabha today.

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It was during the time when some media persons asked questions from the chief minister about the deaths of children and he lost his temper.

He not only shouted at the top of his voice but also got the media persons out of the room of the returning office where Paswan was filing his paper. Very soon, the media people were marshaled out of the room, reports said.

“You people are crossing all limits of decency. You are standing behind the back of the Returning Officer. Get out from there,” the chief minister is heard shouting at the top of his voice in a video which has gone viral in the social media.

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A couple of days back, his deputy and BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi had behaved in similar way when the media persons asked the same persons. He too asked the media people to get out of his Press conference if they want to ask question about encephalitis deaths.

“If you want to ask question over encephalitis deaths, please go out. This press conference is about banking committees,” Modi had told the media on Wednesday.

The mystery disease which has been locally identified as “Acute Encephalitis Syndrome” (AES) has killed around 140 children in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar so far, filling the areas with the heart-rending cries of wailing mothers.

Majority of the victim children hail from the deprived communities and belong to three blocks of Muzaffarpur district, such as Mushhari, Kanti and Meenapur.

According to a report published in Hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar, of the total suspected encephalitis victims 77 percent comes from Dalit families, 11 percent from minority class family while the remaining 12 percent from other castes.

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