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Tale of a Dabang Daroga who gulps all the six litres buffalo milk of poor villager

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PURNIA: Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar’s much-flaunted claim for good governance fails in this part of the state.

Even as Kumar claims to have established a “rule of law” in the state, a policeman from the Purnia district has been accused of forcibly keeping buffalo of a poor villager in his custody to have a glassful of pure milk every day.

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The entire story came to light after hapless buffalo owner Sita Devi brought the matter to the notice of the local deputy inspector general of police Upendra Kumar Sinha at his weekly Junta Durbar in the weekend.

As per the complaint, the said buffalo which was the lone source of her family livelihood was stolen four months from her cattle shed.

As she failed to trace the animal despite all efforts, she registered a formal case of theft with the Rupauli police station.

Some a month later when she came to know that the thief has been caught with her stolen buffalo, she rushed to the Falka police station to get back her bovine.

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Much to her shock, however, the police refused to return her buffalo saying it was not possible until they get the release order from the court.

Subsequently, she petitioned the local judicial magistrate urging the latter to issue an order to release her buffalo.

“Acting on petition, the court sought a report in this regard but the police station concerned failed to respond to the court’s order,” the woman told the DIG. According to her, the buffalo gives some 6kg milk a day.

She said milk business was the lone source of her family livelihood but due to the buffalo now in police custody, her family has been pushed to the brink of starvation.

“My buffalo gives about 6 litres of milk a day but Darogaji (police inspector) devours all the milk alone,” she alleged.

“Ve thahare Darogaji, isliye kuchchh kahate bhi nahin banata hai (He being a police inspector we can’t press him much to return our buffalo),” she told the DIG who assured justice to the poor women.

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